Welcome to New Monkland
and Greengairs Parish Churches.

  The Bible Class

Our Bible Class is for young people of Secondary school age or older (due to the nature of some of the things we discuss). It is a very vibrant group and the program is very varied. We discuss the Bible's attitude to various issues affecting youth, the world, and the Church's place in it. Inequality, Chocolate, or Love. Then again sometimes we just hang out playing games. We draw our people from families within the Church and our youth organisations, but any young person who comes along will be made most welcome.
Favourite games this year, Bible Name -"hang the man", "Electric Chair".
Highlights: The Millport Trip (In the sunshine), Christmas Party (in January).
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10 am Raebog Hall - be there! or stay in bed and be a loser!

We're back on... 10am Raebog Hall.... Yey!!!