Welcome to New Monkland
and Greengairs Parish Churches.

Hall Lets 2016/17

Tues     1st                   2nd               1st      
Weds     2nd           1st O.C/R     3rd               2nd O.C/R    
Thurs     3rd           2nd Soc Comm     4th   1st   1st       3rd      
Fri     4th   1st M.T/B.B     3rd M.T/B.B 1st M.T/B.B 5th   2nd M.T/B.B 2nd M.T/B.B     4th M.T/B.B 1st M.T
Sat 1st   5th   2nd       4th   2nd   6th   3rd   3rd       5th   2nd  
Sun 2nd   6th   3rd S.S 1st Harvest 5th S.S/Comm 3rd S.S/Adv 1 7th   4th S.S 4th S.S 1st Easter 6th S.S 3rd S.S
Mon 3rd   7th   4th M.T/Br. 2nd M.T/Br/G 6th M.T/Br/G 4th M.T/Br/G 8th M.T/Br/G 5th M.T/Br/G 5th M.T/Br/G 2nd East Mon 7th Br/G 4th M.T/Br/G
Tues 4th   8th   5th   3rd   7th   5th   9th Gu. 6th   6th   3rd   8th   5th  
Weds 5th O.C 9th O.C 6th O.C/R 4th O.C/R 8th O.C/R 6th O.C/R 10th O.C/R 7th O.C/R 7th O.C/R 4th O.C 9th O.C/R 6th O.C /R
Thurs 6th   10th   7th   5th Harv Supp 9th   7th   11th   8th   8th B.B Comp 5th   10th   7th  
Fri 7th   11th   8th M.T/B.B 6th M.T/B.B 10th M.T/B.B 8th M.T/B.B 12th M.T/B.B 9th M.T/B.B 9th M.T/B.B 6th   11th M.T/B.B 8th M.T
Sat 8th   12th Hall Book 9th   7th B.B Comp 11th   9th   13th   10th   10th   7th   12th   9th  
Sun 9th   13th   10th S.S/Hall B 8th S.S/Ev Ser 12th Org. Par. 10th S.S/Adv 2 14th S.S 11th S.S 11th S.S/Mday 8th   13th S.S 10th S.S
Mon 10th   14th   11th M.T/Br/G 9th M.T/Br/G 13th M.T/Br/G 11th M.T 15th M.T/Br/G 12th   12th M.T/Br/G 9th   14th M.T/Br/G 11th M.T
Tues 11th   15th   12th   10th Gu. 14th Gu. 12th Gu. 16th   13th Gu. 13th Gu. 10th   15th   12th  
Weds 12th O.C 16th O.C 13th O.C/R 11th O.C/R 15th O.C/R 13th   17th O.C/R 14th O.C 14th O.C/R 11th O.C 16th O.C/R 13th O.C
Thurs 13th   17th   14th   12th   16th   14th   18th   15th   15th   12th   17th B.B 14th  
Fri 14th   18th   15th M.T/B.B 13th M.T/B.B 17th M.T/B.B 15th M.T/B.B 19th M.T/B.B 16th M.T/B.B 16th M.T/B.B 13th   18th M.T/Disp 15th M.T
Sat 15th   19th   16th   14th   18th   16th   20th   17th   17th   14th   19th   16th  
Sun 16th   20th   17th S.S 15th   19th S.S 17th SS/A3/CC 21st S.S 18th 18th S.S /Book 15th   20th S.S/Pent 17th Comm.
Mon 17th   21st   18th M.T/Br/G 16th   20th Br/G 18th M.T 22nd M.T/Br/G 19th M.T/Br/G 19th M.T/Br/G 16th M.T/Br/G 21st M.T/Br/G 18th M.T
Tues 18th   22nd   19th   17th   21st Gu. 19th   23rd Gu. 20th   20th   17th   22nd   19th  
Weds 19th O.C 23rd O.C 20th O.C/R 18th O.C 22nd O.C/R 20th   24th O.C/R 21st O.C/R 21st O.C/R 18th O.C 23rd O.C/R 20th O.C
Thurs 20th   24th   21st   19th   23rd   21st   25th   22nd   22nd   19th   24th   21st  
Fri 21st   25th M.T 22nd   20th   24th M.T/B.B 22nd   26th M.T/B.B 23rd M.T/B.B 23rd M.T/B.B 20th M.T/B.B 25th B.B 22nd M.T
Sat 22nd   26th   23rd   21st   25th Fayre 23rd   27th Ceilidh 24th   24th   21st   26th   23rd  
Sun 23rd   27th   24th   22nd S.S/Gu De 26th S.S 24th Xmas Eve 28th S.S 25th Think Day 25th S.S/Palm 22nd S.S 27th Trinity 24th  
Mon 24th   28th M.T 25th   23rd M.T/Br/G 27th M.T/Br/G 25th   29th M.T/Br/G 26th M.T/Br/G 26th M.T/Br/G 23rd M.T/Br/G 28th   25th M.T
Tues 25th   29th   26th   24th Gu. 28th Gu. 26th   30th   27th Gu. 27th   24th   29th   26th  
Weds 26th O.C 30th O.C 27th O.C/R 25th O.C/R 29th O.C/R 27th   31st O.C/R 28th O.C/R 28th O.C/R 25th O.C/R 30th O.C/R 27th O.C
Thurs 27th   31st   28th   26th   30th   28th           29th Maundy 26th   31st   28th  
Fri 28th       29th M.T/B.B 27th M.T/B.B     29th           30th Good Fri 27th M.T/B.B     29th  
Sat 29th       30th   28th       30th           31st   28th       30th  
Sun 30th           29th B.B Ded.     31st               29th S.S/Comm        
Mon 31st           30th M.T/Br/G             30th          
Tues             31st                  
R/G - Rainbows/Guides Br. - Brownies B.B - Boys Brigade Ch. - Choir Gu. Guild O.C - Outreach Cafe S.S - Sunday School M.T - Mothers/Toddlers
School Resumes - Thurs 17th Aug Sept W/End - Fri 22nd Sept to Mon 25th Sept (incl) Oct Break - Mon 16th to Fri 20th (incl)