New Monkland and Greengairs Parish Church


Wednesday 17th February

Well that is the snow away. It was a wee change and as many of us were going nowhere anyway it wasn’t too bad. Things have been set back a wee bit by it none the less. My lazy and forgetful streak led me one year to plant a Valentine’s heart of croci in the front lawn so that each year it would appear in the grass round about the 14th of February … no luck this year tho’ the snowdrops may be up but, there’s nary a crocus to be seen yet. Sigh! So I had to make Helene a wee card, generous and romantic to fault am I.

The other distraction I’ve been indulging in is old maps. I’ve always been fond of maps and in one of the Facebook groups I belong to there was a query about “the big house” that was down in what is now Meldrum Mains. It was called Rochsoles House and you can see it on the map at the top of this page. If you want to pass a couple of hours you can visit the National Library of Scotland site here

Through these maps you can observe the blossoming of housing estates, the growth and decay of industry and railways. Coal, ironstone and fireclay all plentiful around here, airshafts and light railways. However across the other side of Glasgow in Bridge of Weir where I was raised it was cotton mills and tanneries making use of the waters of the river Gryffe. All fascinating stuff (to me at least).

One thing about all our towns and villages is the presence of churches many still standing. You can see ours in the map above. New Monkland like many churches has seen some difficult times of late but, whether its from the website or our Facebook pages, or in the delivery of Valentine’s high teas our church is still here, caring for the folk in the village, doing our best to spread God’s love.

Its a responsibility all that heritage in the “Old Grey Kirk” and the tradition of care but, as the maps show, the snow and people and homes and industries and railways and “Big Houses” may come and go but, God’s love is constant and endures forever.

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