Services at New Monkland
and Greengairs Parish Churches.

Our services are normally Sunday 10am at New Monkland, and 11:15am at Greengairs. However at special times of the year additional services are posted here.

Please note services may be subject to intimated change to accommodate the celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, Ordination of Elders, the Admission of New Members, Dedication of Gifts, minister’s leave etc.
 10th Feb. 2019 5th after Epiphany
Morning Worship
 17th Feb. 2019 6th after Epiphany
Pulpit supply Ms Joy Cadona
 24th Feb. 2019 7th after Epiphany
Thinking day: Family Service
 3rd March. 2019 Last after Epiphany / Transfiguration of the Lord
Morning Worship
 10th March. 2019 1st in Lent, Communion at Greengairs
Morning Worship
 17th March. 2019 2nd in Lent
Morning Worship
 24th March. 2019 3rd in Lent
Morning Worship
 31st March. 2019 4th in Lent: Mothering Sunday
Family Service
 7th April. 2019 5th in Lent
Morning Worship
 14th April. 2019 Passion/Palm Sunday
Morning Worship
 17th April. 2019 Holy Week Wednesday
Cafe Service (11:00am)
 18th April. 2019 Maundy Thursday
Sacrament of Holy Communion 7:00pm
 19th April. 2019 Good Friday
Good Friday Reflection: Greengairs 7:00pm
 21sth April. 2019 Easter Sunday
Morning Worship
 28th April. 2019 Low Sunday
Sacrament of Holy Communion
10:00am & 5:00pm

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